Make a Care Package

Last year, when I went on an exchange to France, my cousin Marnie sent me the most wonderful care package. It contained candies, a bright scarf, photos of us, and a beautiful necklace – all wrapped in hand-knit woolly socks. I was lonely and homesick at the time, and the package really lifted my mood.

Today I decided to help my friend Cassie by making my own care package. Cassie has had extensive dental surgery, for which she has missed all her exams, and as an extra bonus her grandmother has died. I figured she needed cheering up.

This is what I packed:

  • “Vamp” Shimmering Body Lotion (we both hate Twilight, so I knew this would make her laugh)
  • Tongue-Toos (candy tattoos for your tongue)
  • Purple nail polish (school colour! Plus it was on sale)
  • ┬áBurt’s Bees lip balm
  • An origami swan
  • Happy face stickers
  • Archie comic book
  • A get well soon card with a cat on it (I love cats)

I stuck it all in a purple shoebox, taped on some colourful bows, and dropped it off at her house. This was fun.

Have you ever given/received a care package?